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100+ Lovely WhatsApp Status Messages To Impress Her

Want to impress her and make her fall in love with you? Send her any of these lovely WhatsApp status messages and get her to be yours forever.

1. The perfect moment for loving you was last year, the next perfect moment is today.

2. If I could kiss and tell, I would kiss you and tell you how much I love you.

3. Apples are lovely, caramel is sweet, but I've never experience anything as beautiful as you.

4. People thought you were out of my league, but you are so humble and our love is not so far apart.

5. I will love you like you are my first and my last.

Cute Love Status Messages For Your Crush

6. The first time I saw you, I prayed that night may never come. 

7. Your beauty is sparkling to behold. 

8. If I had a million crush, it will be all for you. 

9. The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you look is just so majestic. 

10. The only thing I want to do is love you. 

11. How can a beauty like be so single? No way. 

12. Let me take away your singleness and give you passion.

13. I'm driving right into your heart to take my rightful place. 

14. I just want to be your man, the one who will look over you while you sleep. 

15. Love is like a dream, but you make it come true for me. 

16. What will I do to have you as mine? 

17. What will it take to be yours forever? 

18. If I had just one love, I'll give it all to you. 

19. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. 

20. I will ride for you, I will fight for you. 

21. You remind me of a fairy story, but I don't mind being in that story with you. 

22. I find you not just attractive, but you my life so much attractive. 

23. I've dreamed of loving someone like you, but in your eyes, I see the reality. 

24. You are a timeless princess, when I'm with you, time cease to exist.

25. I would be here waiting for you cos I know we are meant for each other.

Love WhatsApp Status Messages To Profess Your Love

26. I will love you no matter what happens. 

27. I will be here loving you and enjoying every single moment. 

28. If I opened my heart, you would see that my love for you is larger than oceans. 

29. I don't just speak love, I live it, I show it to you. 

30. My dad told me to go find the kind of love I can die for, I found you. 

31. I may not deserve you, but I will fight to deserve you. 

32. I just want to prove to you that my love is real and true. 

33. I could sing you a beautiful song by day and pray for you by night. 

34. I could write a poem for you, and put your name in the sands of time. 

35. You are my priceless jewel, the one I could give everything for. 

36. I know love these days is fickle, but I want us to be the difference. 

37. We could be icons, the epitome of what love should be. 

38. Take my heart and make it yours forever baby. 

39. My heart beats for no one but you my princess. 

40. You are priceless and I will do anything to keep you always by my side. 

41. When I sleep at night, I sleep with a smile cos I know I'll see you again in my dreams. 

42. Nothing has changed my life like the way you love me. 

43. That is why I would do anything just to put a smile on your face. 

44. You make my world worth living in. 

45. I want you to be a part of me, and I, a part of you. 

46. If you were a flower, I'd plant you in my garden and watch you grow.

Lovely Status Messages To Make Her Your Girlfriend

47. Your fingers so beautiful, can I put a ring on it? 

48. I just want to whisper a little love secret in your ears. 

49. Tell you words that are meant only for lovers. 

50. To hold you close me and to smell your scent. 

51. I want to look into your eyes and see the meaning of love. 

52. Would you be the woman of my dreams? 

53. Would you come with me so we can redefine what love is? 

54. I look at the sky and I see so many stars, but you shine more than them all. 

55. Your beauty isn't just elegant, it radiates your beautiful soul. 

56. I want a girl who smile like you, talk like you, and look at me the way you do. 

57. I want a love that has me calling your name. 

58. I want to hold your hand and walk you down the aisle. 

59. I want to profess my love for you and make you a part of me forever. 

60. Love never fails, but you give me even more assurance.

61. If I could write a letter for every time I think about you, a million words wouldn't be enough. 

62. I think of you every night and day, even in my dreams. 

63. Your voice resounding in my heart and leading me so deeply in love. 

64. If I ever need a woman for me, then it's you. 

65. If I ever have to hold a hand or kiss a cheek, then it's you. 

66. If I ever have to whisper true love, then it's you. 

67. You are everything that I could ask in a woman. 

68. You make love so easy, so desirable. 

Love Status Messages For Asking Her Out

69. What would it take to have you as mine? 

70. I could run up a mountain and swim the oceans just to be by your side. 

71. Would you take my hand and be mine? 

72. I've prepared a table for two, let's not waste this opportunity. 

73. If you want a warrior, I'll be one, if you want a king, I'll make a crown.

74. It's easy to love, but it's easier to love you.

75. I'll build a house of crowns and make you my queen.

76. Let them say, all that matters to me is you.

77. I'll be wherever you are, holding you and protecting you from the evil of the world.

78. If I'll give you a name, it would be mine.

79. The evening is perfect for royal walk, would you be by my side? 

80. Let's walk in hand and watch the sky write our name in love. 

81. Let the wind whisper our love story. 

82. Let the sands write our name in beautiful fonts. 

83. Cos, when you are mine, everything is perfect. 

84. I cannot understand so many things, but I believe in the love I have for you.

85. If I could color your name, I'd do it in blue cos you're my blue crayon.

86. I'll always desire you cos you make me feel complete. 

87. The world can go away, but your thoughts will always stay with me. 

88. I desire a woman of your ilk, someone who truly knows, loves, and desires me. 

89. I am a proud man, that is why I want a gorgeous woman like you. 

90. If money was my thing, I would sew you a dress of riveted cash.

Romantic Love Status To Express True Love

91. I can feel my heart beat, it's calling for you. 

92. The feelings that I have for you is true, to give you a good future. 

93. When I look into the future, I see you by my side. 

94. I want to be the one to grow old with you. 

95. So many people talk about true love, but they just want to live their fantasies. 

96. My love lives here, bold, true, and reliable. 

97. I could sing a love song for you, but it would never have an end. 

98. My love is a tale of forever with you. 

99. There is nothing as true as the love in my heart calling for you. 

100. If love was an ocean, mine would be the largest ocean in the world. 

101. I want you because you would make my dream come true. 

102. I have a feeling that we would make a perfect team. 

103. I feel that we can conquer together, win, and be our best versions. 

104. Words can't express what I feel for you, but I hope you see my actions towards you. 

105. When I close my eyes, I see a perfect picture of us together. 

106. I hope my dream comes true, to love you like I want to.

107. The way you look so fine is the eighth wonder of the world. 

108. If you are mine, what else would I be looking for? 

109. I would go any length to put a smile on your face.

110. The first time I saw you smile, I knew the world would be a better place because of you.

111. You are so beautiful when you smile, I'll make sure you never stopped smiling. 

There you have it. Over 100 lovely WhatsApp Status Messages you can use to impress any girl and make her yours. Express your love in a creative way and get her in the love zone.

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