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60+ Couple Love WhatsApp Status Messages - Express Love To Your Heartthrob

Want to express how you feel to your heartthrob? Here are some cute couple love status messages to send to your lover.

Remember that couples that express love, grow together. So, let out those sweet love messages and make your significant other feel loved. A love status message on WhatsApp could just be the key to unlock another romantic story.

1. When the day becomes dark, I'll be there. When the stars fail to shine, I'll be your light.

2. When I look into your eyes, I see beautiful stars shining  through the sweet beautiful moments we've shared. With you, life is beautiful.

3. To be alone is good, but to be one together is better. I just can't stop loving you.

4. Loving you is the best decision I've ever taken in my life. I'll forever be proud of my choice.

5. You are worth more than everything to me. You bring peace to my life.


Romantic Couple Love Status Messages

6. For I'll look into your eyes, and see what beautiful life I have right now. 

7. You are my desire, my hope, my future. 

8. Destiny has not just brought us together, but working to make us grow together. 

9. I have fallen in love so many times, but with you, my life seem to be taking a whole new turn. 

10. If loving you was victory, I want to be a conqueror. 

11. I want to be your king, the one to hold you close, to protect you and fight for you like my life depends on it.

12. Your body so hot like a pancake on fire. 

13. If tonight was forever, I would love to be with you forever. 

14. Love is so sweet, but you take sweetness to a whole new level.

Cute Couple Love Status Messages

15. If my heart was heaven, you would be the only angel allowed to fly in it. 

16. The love that I have for you is beyond connection. It is love at fine art. 

17. Do you remember the first time we met? You were the most beautiful thing I ever saw since then. 

18. You light up my life, bring smile to my face, and make my day a whole lot better than anyone can. 

19. If your love was a movie, and I had a million, I would buy the whole ticket and watch you alone forever. 

20. I always thought I would meet a beautiful princess, but not one as beautiful and charming as you. 

21. I guess I'm the lucky one, I found a sweetheart I wasn't looking for. 

22. I've lived over 20 years of my life, and no one has loved me like you do. 

Beautiful Couple Love Status Messages

23. I remember the first day our hands touch, there and then I knew I was in love with an angel. 

24. Your eyes sparkle like the stars and bring beauty to my life. 

25. If I could sing you a song, I'll sing songs of angels cos that's what you'll understand. 

26. I always wanted someone like you, but I didn't know I would get perfection. 

27. My life is like a movie and you are starring beautifully in it. 

28. You are my super star, the one who brings beautiful memories to my life. 

29. We may have broken up and made up, but you know my heart belongs to you. 

30. I find you not just attractive, but magical cos you bring magic to my life. 

31. Your love is so pure that I drink without minding who's pouring. 

32. I trust you with my whole life, cos you loved me when no one else would. 

33. Let this be the last time you're calling me by my name, cos tomorrow I'll be answering yours. 

34. I always dreamed to spend my whole life in love, but you bring love and light, and tender passion. 

35. Beauty may be vain, but your smile makes all things beautiful. 

36. By tomorrow, I'll live in your heart forever and you'll live in mine forever. 

37. I call you mine cos there's no where else you'd rather be than in my heart. 

38. I dreamt of this day, that I would look into your eyes and see us together in the future. 

39. Take my hand and make me yours to love and cherish forever. 

40. There is no love without you, no passion without us.

Couple Love Status For Him

41. When you winked at me, I thought it was a flirt, but now we are madly in love. 

42. I only ever wanted to find a friend, now I get a funny partner as bonus. 

43. You are my strength, the one I look to when I'm weak. 

44. Your kiss is all I crave to make my day colorful. 

45. If all men can be you, I would have found you long ago. 

46. I know love isn't perfect, but you make this look so easy. 

47. The way you love me, I wouldn't be mistaken if this was a dream. 

48. You are a perfect lover, you make all my imaginations come through. 

49. All I want is to bare a son who would be just like you. 

50. I want to love you tonight like there is no tomorrow. 

51. When the lights are out, my body will create sparkles for you. 

52. I won't stop loving you, until I see the morning light. 

53. When you hold me, I just want to be your little princess. 

54. I want to kiss you until the morning dew fall on us.

Couple Love Status For Her

55. You look just like the fairy princess in my dream. 

56. Your lips are so soft, your touch so tender, want to make a man love you more. 

57. If I had found you long ago, I would have been a husband now. 

58. All men go to places of succor, I come home to you. 

59. I can't wrap my head around the fact that you are mine, hope this isn't a dream. 

60. If love is a crime, I am willing to take bullets for you. 

61. I have memories of the past, but you give me inspiration for the future. 

62. Your love is the only thing I need to keep me going. 

63. I have fallen and recovered just by the thought of being with you. 

64. Even in an imperfect world, you make my life feel so perfect. 

65. You are an angel, cos you sprinkle stars over my world. 

66. If this is what love is, how come I have missed this all my life?

There you have it. Some of the sweetest couple love status messages you could ever find. Use any of them to show your lover how much you care and how much you cherish your relationship with them. Let the light shine on your love.

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