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7 Hot Romantic Status Messages For Your Lover - Make Them Blush

Looking for tease your lover and make them blush? Send them one of these 7 hot romantic status and have them smiling just for you.

Romance is not just in action but in words. Your choice of words could spark a romantic feeling deeply in your lover and make them wanting you. Use the right word and you'll get them coming back for more.

1. I think about all the times I wasted with my exes, then I think about you. There is a big difference, you put a smile on my face.

2. When you touch me, touch me slowly. When you kiss me, kiss me gently. Let this love flow like a stream of water at dawn, pure, smooth and enchanting.

3. If love don't cost a thing, I'll still pay the price to be with you. Cos you are my priceless jewel.

4. Your love is like a switch, you turn me on like a bulb and set me on fire like a heater. 

5. If I am to climb the mountain to see your face, I'll happily do it everyday just to be with you.

6. I was scared of love, but you gave me confidence and brought me out of the shadows. Your love only is what I desire.

7. Right on my screen, I'm looking into your eyes, I see how you want me. How you want to hold me, to kiss me. Baby, I'm right here waiting for you.

There you have it. 7 hot romantic status that will get your significant other blushing. Use these to spice up the romance in your relationship and grow your love the more.

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