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8 "I Love You" WhatsApp Status To Profess Your Love

Looking to let your lover know how much you love them? Send them one of these lovely Status on WhatsApp and tell them "I Love You."

"I Love You" is not just a word. It is you professing your feelings towards someone you care about. You don't just want to be their friend. You want to love them, care for them and share beautiful memories together in love.

1. I have a million reasons not to be with you, but I have one genuine reason that is a million times bigger than any other reason. That is why I love you.

2. Feelings may cease, romance may fail, relationships could even turn sour, but my love for you will be renewed like a sweet wine.

3. Even if the stars are a billion, they cannot be compared to a star like you. You twinkle like gold, you shine like a diamond. I love you.

4. Once in a while, I look at the things going on in my life. The thought of you brings my biggest smile. I love you.

5. Your love is unique. It doesn't just take. It gives, builds, strengthens, and renews me. I love you just the way you are.

6. My love for you is carved from a pure soul. I long to make you mine, so I can be yours. I truly love you.

7. When I look into your eyes, I see the purest love that only a genuine heart could find. I love you now and forever.

8. Even as the world is going crazy, I will not stop loving you. You are a breath of fresh air to my life.

There you have it. The best 8 "I Love You" status you could ever find. Don't waste this opportunity. Log on to WhatsApp and send one of these to that special someone you care deeply about.

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