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8 WhatsApp Sad Love Status To Tell Your Lover How Sad You Feel

Feeling sad about your love relationship with your significant other? Want to send them a WhatsApp Status to let them know how you feel? Send them any of these 8 Whatsapp sad love status and express your sadness in love. 

You know, love is all about expression. If you can express your emotions and the way you feel, then you can make your relationship clear and straight. Your WhatsApp Status could be the right avenue to send a private love message to your lover and let them know how sad you feel.

So, here you go:

1. I haven't shed a tear in years, but tonight I cried like a baby. Thinking of how far we have come and how apart we are drifting. I always gave this love a chance, and I want you to do the same.

2. I've given my all to you, I've loved you like no one else has. But what do I get in return? You make me sad, you make me doubt, you make wish for my past. Baby, don't do this to me.

3. When in doubt call on me. Don't play me like chess. Show me your emotions, your feeling and profess your heart desires. Don't leave me sad, don't leave me thinking that you have gone with another. I want to stay loving you.

4. Not seeing you makes me sad, so lonely, and wanting you the more. I want to see your smile, to feel your presence and be with you again. I hate this sad feeling.

5. How do one get lost in love? How do one feel depressed yet wishing for passion? How do I feel so sad for loving you? We have to put our past behind us and make this love great again.

6. I know love is not perfect, but why do I feel so sad loving you? I know love could turn to hate, but why do I hate the way I feel? I just want to love you baby, nothing more.

7. Honey, How I hate the way I'm feeling right now. I'm falling deeper into this sadness and I hate to think it's because of you. Can we just cut the chase and make this love work.

8. Baby, You know you are my joy, but these days, I don't know who you are anymore. As the days go by, the more I feel like a stranger in this relationship. Please let's go back to our first love.

So there you have it. 8 straight-forward WhatsApp sad love status to send your displeasure to your lover about your relationship. You know, every love relationship has its ups and downs, but constant communication is key to make a relationship work. Keep letting them know how you feel about them through your Status on Facebook or WhatsApp, and you'll have them constantly thinking about you.

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