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40+ Romantic Pickup Lines To Woo Your Crush on WhatsApp

Want to woo your crush on WhatsApp and make them yours? Send them any of these pickup lines on your status and get them falling for you.

Pickup lines are a sweet way to start a conversation with someone of romantic interest. Don't let the opportunity pass without saying what is on your mind or expressing your feelings. Try out one of these pickup lines and get your groove on.

1. If wishes were horses, I would ride as a king with you as my queen.

2. May I proceed to tell you how much you mean to me or should I continue crushing?

3.When I first met you, I realized that life was more than beautiful.

4. I'd rather take my shot and die, than die without a shot at you.

5. What is wrong with me? Oh, I remember! I met you the other day and I've never been the same.

Cute Pickup Lines For Breaking The Ice With Your Crush

6. The first time I heard you call my name, I knew I have met an angel. 

7. If everyone was as cute as you, this would be heaven. 

8. You are so easy to spot in a crowd, you are uniquely special. 

9. Not everyone will make me go home and have a deep thought about my relationship status. 

10. I am checking up on you, just to hear your voice again. 

11. Fishes can swim, birds can fly, but I will walk any length just to be by your side. 

12. Is it possible to love you on earth? Or I need to come to heaven? 

13. Stars don't shine by the day, but you seem to be different.

14. Can you give me the keys to your heart or do I need to break the padlock?

15. Please stop wearing gowns, I always mistaken you for an angel.

16. How much of your cuteness can I take? Please don't overwhelm me :)

Romantic Pickup Lines For Asking Your Crush Out

17. The evening may be getting dark, but I'm hopeful that my tomorrow will be brightened by a beauty such as you. 

18. All I ever want is to be the man by your side. 

19. I want nothing more than to love you like you've never been loved. 

20. True love is hard to find but hard to conceal, hard to express but hard to deny. 

21. The best day of my life was the day I met you, but it's gonna be better when you're mine. 

22. I  call you mine because I want everything that I own to be yours.

23. Last year, I vacationed alone, but this year, I'm hopeful that I'll have company. 

24. I've never had a crush on someone not as beautiful as you :) 

25. This year is a blessing because I met you. 

26. Roses will wither, gifts will fade, but my feelings for you will never die. 

27. They say money answers all things, but I know you are a priceless jewel. 

28. I could pay for a one night stand, but I'll never be able to afford a diamond like you. 

Cheesy Pickup Lines To Make Her Feel Sexy

29. Can you imagine a beauty like you riding with me on a cool breezy beach? 

30. I wish you were here by my side, I would have whispered something beautiful into your ears. 

31. The night may be cold, but the love I have for you keeps my heart warm. 

32. Let me tell you a story, once upon a time, I fell in love with a sexy little princess reading this right now.

33. My mom told me to never fight for anything except for love, I'm ready to fight for you. 

34. The only thing stopping me from loving you is the distance between tonight and tomorrow's dawn. 

35. I'm having wine right now with just a glass, but I wish it was two glasses and you by my side. 

36. Since the day I met you, everything and everyone seems to take the shape of you, I'll need to see you again.

37. I'm going for a swim, but I need a bikini body like yours by my side.

38. If only we could fast-forward life and just get married :)

39. Money is good, but I would take your love over money any day.

40. I know I've been disappointed in love, but I'm willing to try again with you.

41. I hated nights cos they were so lonely, now I'm loving the vibes with you by my side.

That's it. Some of the most interesting pickup lines for wooing your crush. Just one word could be the difference between that special person becoming yours or not. If you enjoyed these pickup lines, why not share it with your friends using the share button below.

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