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50+ Powerful Prayer Status Messages For Her - Wish Her Well

Want to pray for her and send some good wishes her way? Send her any of these powerful prayer status messages and WhatsApp and watch her love you more.

Prayer makes things happen and people are always pleased when someone sends them a prayer message. How pleased she would be to see that you send some prayers her way? Show her that you have only good thoughts and wishes for her.

1. I pray that true peace will never depart from your sweet heart.

2. When you open your eyes, you'll begin to see wonderful things happening all around you.

3. Beautiful souls like you deserve the best. I pray that only good things come your way.

4. I pray that all your endeavors begin to turn around for your good.

 5. I pray that the beautiful wishes of your heart come true.

Powerful Prayer Status Messages For Her Health

6. I pray that nothing bad touches you or your health. 

7. You will continue to blossom like the flowers in spring. 

8. I pray for strength in anything that you do and anywhere that you are. 

9. In your weakness, you will find tremendous strength. 

10. I pray that every sickness troubling you cease right away. 

11. Every pain in your body will start to diminish right now. 

12. I pray for you that you shall not lie on a sick bed this year. 

13. I pray that you receive healing from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. 

14. Your paths are strengthened and straightened. 

15. You shall not come across any harmful thing along your way. 

16. I pray that your breath be fresh and your heart stay calm. 

17. You will receive peace that makes you do powerful things.

Powerful Prayer Status Messages For Her Career

18. I pray that double promotion becomes your portion this year. 

19. You shall receive extraordinary favor in your career this year. 

20. I pray that you receive wisdom to do extraordinary work. 

21. Your clients and associates shall be pleased with you. 

22. Everything you lay your hands on shall begin to turn to gold. 

23. This year is your year of Midas touch. 

24. I pray that you receive inspiration for innovation and breakthrough. 

25. You shall be sought after in your field of expertise. 

26. I pray that kings will bow before you. 

27. You will do great things with the talent that God has given to you. 

28. I pray that God makes a way for you where there is no way. 

29. I pray that your work, business, and career shall be filled with miracles.

Powerful Prayer Status Messages For Her Relationship

30. I pray that your heart will open and receive love like never before. 

31. Your relationships shall be filled with laughter and joy. 

32. I pray that blessings fill your daily interactions. 

33. You shall find meaning in your daily life. 

34. I pray that friends of caliber and status find you. 

35. I pray that you find the right person to love you the right way. 

36. Your friendships shall blossom into joy and blessings. 

37. I pray that frenemies and fake friends will not find you. 

38. I pray that you begin to meet the people who will help you become a better person. 

Powerful Prayer Status Messages For Her Happiness

39. I pray that happiness, joy, and laughter shall not depart from your household. 

40. You shall become the epitome of goodness. 

41. I pray that you blossom and become the best woman you can be. 

42. Every negativity in your path shall bow to you. 

43. I pray that love and light lead you to your destiny. 

44. You shall give peace to others and they will give you love in return. 

45. I pray that nothing bothers you, let all your needs be met. 

46. You shall not want nor beg to have the things you desire. 

47. Favor and goodness shall find you on every corner of life. 

48. You shall be pleased, contented and loved like no other.

49. I pray that weeping and mourning will not be your portion.

50. You shall be overwhelmed by the favors and blessings that people will give to you

51. I pray that your days be filled with good health and peace and calmness.

There you have it. Some of the most powerful prayer status messages you can ever send to a lady. Make her know that your wishes towards her are pure and true.

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