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60+ Powerful Prayer Status Messages For Him To Find Encouragement

Want to send him prayer messages to encourage him? Send him any of these prayer status messages on WhatsApp and help lift up his mood.

Prayer is a very strong way to wish someone well. Men are highly encouraged when they receive prayer messages, especially from their loved one. So, if you want to wish him well  and encourage him, send him a prayer and watch him being thankful.

1. I pray that the works of your hands be strengthened with favor and grace.

2. I pray that good health, love and peace fill you all the time.

3. I pray that you will find favor in the eyes of men, and grace in your pursuit.

4. I pray that the shadows of evil depart from your path, and never cross your heart.

5. I pray that good news will be the foundation of your days.

Powerful Prayer Status Messages For His Work

6. I pray that your work bring fulfillment to your heart. 

7. I pray against stress and any stressful situation in your work. 

8. You shall find rest in the work of your hands. 

9. I pray that you shall eat fat from the labor of your hands. 

10. Nothing will take away from your hard earned profit. 

11. You shall receive blessings upon blessings everyday at work. 

12. Nothing will be missing from your blessings. 

13. I pray that you find ultimate favor from your endeavor. 

14. You will be surprised with many blessings. 

15. Any evil that wants to cut your blessings will dry up. 

16. You shall be praised and revered for your work. 

17. You shall be sought after by kings and princes. 

18. Nothing shall limit your inspirations and ideas for great work.

Powerful Prayer Status Messages For His Health

19. I pray that you receive strength to live your life to the full. 

20. May sickness not cross your path or hinder your pursuit. 

21. I wish you long life filled with prosperity and happiness. 

22. Let joy fill your heart now and always. 

23. I pray that you will be the exception in any pandemic situation. 

24. Your health shall  be revived like the spring of olive. 

25. I pray that you will wake up renewed and refreshed every day. 

26. Anything troubling your heart shall be solved today. 

27. Let peace flow through you and to those around you. 

28. Your health shall be bubbling and refilled. 

29. Let every pain in your body diminish instantly. 

30. I pray that your your fears turn to calm and your pains turn to joy. 

31. Let everything that you touch bring you pure joy.

Powerful Prayer Status Messages For His Growth

32. I pray that favor and success become your portion. 

33. You will grow in every ramification of your life. 

34. I pray that every effort of yours yield pleasing result. 

35. You will always grow from grass to grace. 

36. I pray that the works of your hands should not be in vain. 

37. Let every investment and every hustle begin to bring you profit. 

38. I pray that your growth be visible for all to see. 

39. I pray that your future be so bright that it shines all around you. 

40. I pray that you grow into the kind of man you desire to be. 

41. You will be a role model for others coming after you. 

42. I pray that your life will be a living example of how success should be. 

43. You shall be a shinning light to your generation. 

44. Everybody will look up to you because you are exceptional. 

45. Your success will make so much noise that your enemies will run. 

46. I pray that every good desire of your heart come to pass.

Powerful Prayer Status Messages For His Relationship

47. I pray that you find someone who will help you grow in every way. 

48. I pray that your relationships bring good results. 

49. Every relationship that wants to bring you down shall be dissolved. 

50. I pray that you grow into the kind of man for me. 

51. Every negative traits in your relationship shall be diminished. 

52. I pray that you find favor in love and life. 

53. Let your associations bring you all the good things of life. 

54. I pray that truth never departs from your mouth. 

55. You shall become an epitome of goodness. 

56. Everyone around you shall be amazed at your excellence. 

57. I pray that you find the right people to help you prosper. 

58. Your life shall be what others will look up to. 

59. I pray that every relationship constituted to bring you down shall diminish. 

60. You will build and nothing shall be lost. 

61. I pray that every parasite in your relationship shall be dissolved. 

62. I pray that only good friends and destiny helpers will come near you. 

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