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55+ Romantic Status Messages For Boyfriend - Make Him Love You More

Want to send your boyfriend a romantic message? Send him any of these romantic status on WhatsApp and make him love you the more.

Don't let the moment pass before expressing what you feel to your one and only. A simple romantic message on your WhatsApp status could send a strong message of your love for him and make him desire you the more.

1. No one has made me feel this way, but then, there is no one like you my love.

2. If loving you was a routine, I'd do it every single day of my life.

3. I want a man that will love me like I'm the only woman in the world.

4. If kisses could fly, I'd blow you a thousand kisses to prove my love to you.

5. All I need right now is your hug, your kiss, your touch.

Romantic Status Messages To Appreciate Boyfriend

6. All I want is to call you my own, to be the one for you and you for me. 

7. I would do anything just to be with you and be yours. 

8. It doesn't matter the distance or the price, I just want you. 

9. You have been the most loving man I've ever met. 

10. If every man was you, then every woman would be me, cos we are meant for each other. 

11. There is no perfect description of who you are to me, but I'd settle for a darling. 

12. You are my choicest delicacy, the one who brings me the most satisfaction. 

13. If I could tell a story of love, it would be about you and I. 

14. I always didn't ask for much, but God gave me too much when I met you. 

15. Boys don't want to be men these days, but for me, you have chosen to be a real man. 

16. Every word that you speak is true, cos I know it come from a heart as pure as yours. 

17. I don't want to lose you, cos it takes decades to find gems like you. 

18. If I could ay a price to have you, I wouldn't have been able to afford you. 

19. Thank you for loving me the way that no one will ever understand. 

20. This love is like a movie, with special loving episodes each new day. 

21. I just want to whisper to your ears, you are my heartbeat. 

Romantic Status Messages To Tease Boyfriend

22. I forgot two love donuts in your pocket. One for you, and one for me. 

23. Look into my eyes and tell me that I'm the only one for you. 

24. Do you know what makes me crazy about you? your smile. 

25. I bought a pink pumpkin today, but it wasn't as sweet as you, my sweetest pumpkin. 

26. Please go to your window and look up in the sky, that's me shining over you like a star. 

27. All I want to do to night is dance and sweat all over you. 

28. I can be your candy, only if you lick me the way I want. 

29. Want to come over? sing me a love song to get a pass. 

30. My favorite song is the one that I sing every time I'm with you, that soothing lady sound :)

31. When will you come take me home, I hate not sleeping by your side.

32. I'd rather kiss you than miss you, I'd rather hug you than hurt you.

33. Baby, don't ever stop looking at me the way you always do.

Cute Romantic Status Messages For Boyfriend

34. What's more than gold? What's more dear to me than riches? You, my love. 

35. I've gone through many heartbreaks, but you bring joy to my heart. 

36. I don't want to lose you, cos it feels so empty outside. 

37. Who can love me this way? I guess only you. 

38. If only I could be with you every day, I'd be the happiest woman in the world. 

39. It's a really small world out there, but you help me see a lot of good in it. 

40. If friendship could be as sweet as this, I wonder what marriage with you would be like. 

41. At first, I never wanted you, now I'd never leave you. 

42. Spell my name slowly, and whisper your thoughts to my ears. 

43. How loving it is to spend a beautiful day just being with you my love. 

44. Life is good, but your love makes it even better. 

45. I've been searching for the meaning of life, but your love has given me a strong answer. 

46. You are my king, the one who rules my world but serves me more than I can ever imagine. 

47. Baby, I don't just see you as my boyfriend, I see you as my husband. 

48. A heart in love may be confused, but it never lies when it looks into your eyes.

Romantic Status Messages To Make Him Smile

49. When I look into your eyes, my hope is sure. 

50. I know when a man is true, he treats me just like you. 

51. All I ever want is to see you smile without a care in the world. 

52. You are strong, brilliant and loving, I wonder what you cannot do. 

53. Men abounds, but you are a different and special kind of specie. 

54. You are one in a million, my kind of man every day. 

55. Take this from me baby, you are just perfect for me. 

56. I want nothing to come in between us, not even your dog! 

There you have it. Over 55 romantic status messages for expressing your love to that guy who makes you tick. Spice up your love language and communication on WhatsApp with some romance and get him falling over you again and again.

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